Since 1989 ~ When preparing your food we use the finest, freshest ingredients available; crafted with our own
hands and created from our hearts. Our philosophy is that in this world of constant change, there need to be
places that feel like going home; places to re-charge where you can duck out for a moment, relax, eat a great meal,
capture a smile and remember to take in a deep breath. Our aim is and has always been to make the Silverwater one of
these places.

We believe in supporting the community in which we live. We appreciate the products that we are able to purchase
locally from all of the wonderful establishments and people in our community.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we recycle everything we can. Our pre-consumer vegetable scraps, brewed
teas and coffee grounds go back with our farmers to their compost piles. Our used fryer oil is being turned into fuel.
We serve filtered water.

We love what we do. We strive to continue to perfect our craft, bringing inspiration to one another on a daily basis,
so that we can incorporate it into our work, and, ultimately, to you. We believe that life is about good food and
good friends.

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