Alison Hero

Co-owner Alison Hero lives with an insatiable passion for food –
eating, sleeping and dreaming food!  Growing up in an Italian family, her grandmother introduced her to the amazing world of flavor combining and food preparation.  She started her professional cooking career at the age of 12, apprenticing under chefs that would nurture her at that age.  She still loves cooking though her attention has been diverted more toward management as the restaurant has grown, so most of it takes place for special events and at home with her son, Antonio.


David Hero

Co-owner and baker David Hero is the backbone of the Silverwater Café. What more can we say.
He graduated from Carlton college as a clay artist and has translated that art into baking.  When the restaurant opened in 1989 he hand made all of the plates and bowls, gorgeous cobalt blue dinnerware.  As the restaurant has grown he has been unable to keep up with that demand and his roll has changed.  He is the idea man.  He is the rock for the Silverwater- he fixes everything, invents everything, does the lions share of bookwork, heads up all of the baking, and mentors the entire staff.  We love David!





Kitchen Staff

Our dedicated kitchen staff brings our dreams to life every day.  Pictured (left to right): James, Michael, Alison, Aaron, Tiffany, David, Adrian and Joe.  Not Pictured: Angie, Billy, Tyler, Malachi, Ryan, Jamieson & Jimmy.






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